In-town pool report #14

From: Chris Johnson < []>
Date: October 9, 2018 at 5:03:01 PM EDT
Subject: In-town pool report #14

More quotes from exchange with reporters on South Lawn:
Real reason for Haley’s resignation on a day when you should celebrate
POTUS: “This administration does a lot. You’re right. Another administration
would after the Kavanaugh victory — It’s really a victory for the people. It’s
not for me. They have a great justice, but a lot of people celebrate. We go back
to business the next day.”
“Nikki and I talked about this a year ago, and she really want to be here for
about two years. We finished up big-league last week at the U.N. We had a
tremendous success…Nikki’s going to be involved with us for a long time, and
she’s going to help me make that final pick. We’re going to get somebody really
“I think she also brought a new level of prestige for that position. That
position is terms of people wanting easier now in a way than it was before.
Nikki has brought great confidence, which has brought prestige.”
How many SCOTUS justices do you think you might get?
“A lot of theories on that. It could be three. Under one theory, it could be
four, and then some people say two could happen. I could anywhere between I
would say one or two or more additions, so we’ll see.”
“I hope everyone remains healthy. I’m very happy the way it is right now. [On
Kavanaugh?] I appointed a great man, and I think he’s going to be a great
justice on the court, but you know, it’s guessing game. You don’t know.”
“What is an honor is that there are presidents, many presidents, that never had
a choice, and here I am not even two years, and we have two…”
Treatment of Pompeo in China:
“There’s just trying to send me a message, but those messages don’t work. I
think they treated him with great respect actually. They had meetings besides
this…and I think they treated him with great respect. He had a great meeting
with North Korea. And China? It wasn’t so much — I guess he was giving them a
message, and they were giving him a message.”
On missing journalist in Saudi Arabia:
“I don’t know anything. No. I don’t have any updates, no.”
Report on climate change:
“It was given to me…I can give you reports that are fabulous and I can give
you reports that aren’t so good. But I will be looking at it.”

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