In-town pool report #16

From: Chris Johnson < []>
Date: October 9, 2018 at 5:50:48 PM EDT
Subject: In-town pool report #16

A big portion of POTUS’ exchange with reporters was inaudible to pool because of
the noise from the engine of Marine One. Thanks to the recording from sound,
here’s more of the exchange:
On Lindsey Graham

Q: Would you like to Nikki Halley be the next U.S. senator for South Carolina?
“Well, that all depends on who she’s going to be running against. I mean, I can
tell you you have some really good ones there right now. So, I don’t see her
doing that, no.”
Q: Would you like to see Lindsay Graham in your administration?
“Well, Lindsey’s a terrific guy. I think he wants to stay right where he is.
Certainly, I would, but I think he’s really happy. I tell you what, Lindsey
really stepped up over the past two or three weeks. I thought it was fantastic.
So, Lindsey’s a popular guy and Tim [Scott] is a popular guy. I think those are
two people — and Nikki doesn’t have that in mind.”
Q: Popular enough to be your next AG?
“He’s somebody that has never asked me that question. I think he’s very happy
where he is. He’s having a good time, and he really stepped it up.”
Jim Acosta: Do you believe Nikki Haley when she sees she doesn’t want to run for
president in 2020? You guys used to clash.
POTUS: “That’s right, but I didn’t know her. She supported somebody over me in
the primary. It turned out very well for me. She respected it, and after that.
We got, as I would say, very well. She helped me in the election once I won the
primaries, and we’re really good friends. We’ve been compatriots. We’ve done a
great job together.”
“The United Nations is at, I think, a new level of respect, and we work
together. We had a tremendous week last week, so no, Nikki wants to work with
us…She wants to work on the 2020 election with us.”
Acosta: You said forces against Kavanaugh we’re evil. Who?
“I’m not going to say who I mean. You have forces saying things that were evil.
They were bad people, and he is a very, very fine man, and what was said about
him should never have happened.”
Acosta: But should we say that about our fellow Americans?
“I know fellow Americans that are evil.”
On considering Jared Kushner as U.N. ambassador:
“He’s very talented, but no I haven’t only because I know you people. What would
you do if I said that? [To CNN?] What would they do? Jared or Ivanka. [To Jim
Acosta:] How do you feel about Ivanka? [inaudible response] I think CNN would
support her.”
In response to follow up:
“Look, they’re two very competent people.”–
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