Out of town pool report 2a

From: “Gearan, Anne” <Anne.Gearan@washpost.com [Anne.Gearan@washpost.com]>
Date: September 29, 2018 at 6:31:14 PM EDT
Subject:Out of town pool report 2a

POTUS went to the barricades to greet well-wishers at the airport. Pool was
loaded into vans early and missed most of the scene, so sorry about that. Am
trying to catch up to what I can and will pass along. There is some Fox pool
video and more from locals.
Rolling for the rally.
POTUS was greeted at he Wheeling airport by
The President was greeted by

Rep. Bill Johnson (OH-6)

WV Secretary of State Mac Warner

Debbie Warner, Spouse of Secretary Mac Warner

Pennsylvania State Senator Guy Reschenthaler, District 37, and Republican
nominee for Pennsylvania’s 14th Congressional District

State Delegate Carol Miller, District 16, and
Republican Nominee for West Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District

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