Pool Report #6a: Dinner with business leaders

*Pool Report #6a: Dinner with business leaders*

The president took one question at the end if the pool spray, which ended
at 8:14 pm. On Ohio, he said, “We’ll see what happens.”

Asked by a reporter if we could see him tomorrow. He said, “I’ll be around.”

Continuing where I left off earlier….

Commenting on the California fires, Trump said he is “monitoring the
situation very closely” and that “my administration is in constant contact
with the state.”

After talking about trade, the president commented on the unemployment rate.

He thanked his daughter Ivanka for her efforts on workforce development.
The room applauded her.

“Some of the people in this room have billions and billions offshore,” he

Over $4 but close to $5 trillion is being brought back from overseas that
he said would never have been seen again.

He said a record number of regulations have been cut, repraising his
comments about how long it takes to get through red tape.

He talked up the Dakota Access and Keystone pipelines.

Talking about one of the “most powerful” women in the world, the president
tossed to Pepsi’s outgoing CEO. (“No Melania, I’m not talking about you,”
the president teased.)

To Boeing’s CEO, he said: “I think Boeing has to like me a lot.”

Everyone in the room must like him a lot, he noted.

Asking the first lady to say a few words, he commented that in Ohio at his
rally on Saturday, he saw “so many signs” saying “we love our first lady.”

“Melania please stand,” he said. APPLAUSE.

“Welcome to Bedminster its great to have you here,” the first lady said. “I
just want to thank the president for doing an incredible job.”

Other notable comments:

Newsmax’ Chris Ruddy: “I am an enemy of the people who actually supports”
the president’s policies.

Larry Kudlow said he predicts “4 percent growth.”

The president, half-jokingly dismayed, replied, “We’re gonna do better than

Thanking Kudlow for his service, he said, “We don’t always agree on things”
but they are “learning” to agree.

More TK on China and North Korea, none of which was major.

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Pool entered the president’s dinner with business leaders at 7:41 pm. It’s
being held in the Orchid Room of Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster,
New Jersey. President Trump entered the room to applause at 7:43 pm.

The president opened with remarks congtaulating attendees, including the
CEOs of Boeing and Fiat Chrysler, on their successes. He said he wants to
hear their ideas on how to Make America Great Again.

He also commented on the wildfires in California. He says he will be having
meetings about them. The president said the U.S. had the finest first
reponders, as leaders from around the world often tell him.

He is talking now about the economy, and how he believes that GDP can go
much higher.

More TK on this.

In addition to a previous list of dinner participants provided by the White
House to the pool, first lady Melania Trump is present. She entered the
room with the president.

Additionally, the guest list provided by the White House included a typo.
John Catsimatidis’ wife, as an intrepid reporter points out, is Margo and
not Margaret as previously stated.

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