*Here are the president’s opening remarks: *

“It’s great to have you in Bedminster at Trump National….So many of you
know, and others I just read about on the covers of all of the business
magazines. Fred Smith I know very well, but I also read about you Fred. And
you’re doing OK.”

The president said, “I’m meeting tonight with some of the top business
leaders in the world. You talk about business, this is the group. And we’re
so honored to have you. And we’re gonna be discussing later on some of the
ideas you may have to, as the expression goes, make America great again.”

The president said the group had been “big beneficiaries” of his policies
and “you’ve helped in many cases.”


“Before we start, I’d like to say a few quick words about the tragic fires
in California. I’m monitoring the situation very close. My administration
is in constant contact with everything going out in the state and with the
local authorities and with the state authorities. On August 4, I declared a
major disaster in the state and ordered federal assistance to supplement
recovery efforts. It’s been a very tough situation taking place in
California for a number of years. And we’re going to have some meetings
about it, because there are reasons and there are thing you can do to
mitigate what’s happening. We send our love and support and prayers to the
families of those who have lost loved ones. They’ve never seen anything
like it what’s happening. We’re deeply grateful to our incredible
firefighters and first responders. They’re really brave people. I’ve been
watching them go into areas where very few people would go. And some of
them don’t come out alive. They’re risking their lives and they’re doing to
contain these devastating fires so they can save our lives. My
administration will do everything in our power to protect those in harm’s

“We have the finest emergency relief people in the world right out there.
Now, we send them to different countries when we have earthquakes, when we
have other problems going on in the world, we’ll send our first responders
in some cases to help. And I always get calls from the prime ministers, or
the president, or whoever’s running, saying these are the most talented
people we’ve ever seen. But right now they’re in California, really doing
an incredible job.”


After touting GDP and jobs number, Trump predicted economic growth next
quarter “could be in the fives.”

“I think we’re gonna be very shortly in the fives,” he said, and stated
that GDP “can go much higher once we get new trade deals.”

Later, when Larry Kudlow marveled at four percent growth, Trump reiterated
that he’s more optimistic.
“You’re going to see super growth very soon.”

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