More quotes from the president’s pool spray…as always please check
everything I have sent against the final transcript:

On trade, the president said he has “powerful trade policies” and told
business leaders “some of you probably love them and a couple of you
probably don’t because you’re on the wrong side of the border.”

“But if you’re from this country, you’re loving what’s happening. The steel
industry, as an example, is one of the hot industries of the world right
now. What’s happened to steel in the United States, where we have plants
opening up literally on a daily basis. Nobody thought that would be

“As you know we’re doing record, and close to record, GDP. Nobody thought
would be anywhere above, even close to 2, and we’re at 4.1. And I think
we’re going much higher. And as trade deals come in, we can go much, much

Coming back to the topic a minute later, he said, “We anticipate this next
quarter to be, this is just an estimate, but already they’re saying it
could be in the fives.”

“I think we’re gonna be, very shortly in the fives. Again, numbers that
people wouldn’t have believed, I really think we can go much higher than in
the fives, once we get trade deals that are rational and sane and good for
our country. And not even good for our country, just fair for our country.”

He brought up drug companies, saying he wanted to “thank Pfizer” and
numerous drug companies for cutting “the increase back to nothing” after he
said he “wasn’t happy about it, and they heard that.”

“They never did that before. They asked for an increase in drugs, they
actually posted it, it was increased, and I was not happy, because we want
to get drug prices down.”

He said that’s a “first” than anyone can remember. “Like I said, the office
of president must be very powerful to be able to do that, because these
drug companies are very, I mean look, they’re great, but they’re prices are
too high. And we are announcing next week which was going to get them down
really, really substantially, but we didn’t think was appropriate, and we
want to just thank them. The whole group of them; they know who we’re
talking about.”

Full quote to Boeing: “I think Boeing has to like me a lot. I think
everybody in this room frankly likes me. We’ll keep it that way.”

On Melania: “Could I ask the great first lady, she has been so caring, so
loving, so good to people, and you know I was in Ohio the other night, and
there’s so many signs, we love our first lady, we love our first lady,
Melania please stand.”

FLOTUS stood to applause and said: “Well welcome to Bedminster. It’s great
to have to you have here. And we’re looking for a good discussion tonight.
And I just want to thank the president for doing an incredible job and for
all of your help. Thank you very much.”

Newsmax’ Chris Ruddy said to laughter: “I am an enemy of the people that
actually supports Donald Trump’s policies.”

At the end of the spray, just before the questions, the president came back
to GDP.

“I have to say the policies of the other administration would have been
more regulation and much higher taxes. And what you’re witnessing now could
never have happened. And growth has taken us out of a lot of
problems…you’re gonna see super growth very soon when it’s all set, when
it’s all, it’s like a fine-tuned machine. But you’re gonna see some really
super growth.

“We’re in a little bit of a fight with China right now. And we’ve gone up,
and I don’t want them to go down, because I’m big fan of President Xi, a
friend of mine, but they’re down 28 percent since we, the last 3 or 4
months, and we want them to do well, but we want them to treat us fairly.
They have not treated us fairly for many decades, which is the president’s
fault. I take responsibility for my time, and I couldn’t let that happen.”

He predicted that ultimately the U.S. would have a “fantastic trading
relationship” with China and claimed “it’s all working out.”

POTUS briefly mentioned Iran: “Iran is a whole different country since we
got rid of one of the worst deals that I have ever seen. Much, much
different country.”

North Korea: “We’re doing well.” He said suggested that critics needed to
be patient. “They’ve been working on this thing for 40 years. I left 3
months ago.” He said that he got the hostages back, no missiles are flying
over Japan, no nuclear tests are taking place – “and we have a good
relationship with North Korea. So, we’ll see how it works. I have a feeling
that China now is not happy, and maybe they’re doing a little bit of a
number, but we’ll figure that out.”

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