Travel Pool report #4

*Travel Pool report #4*

Bedminster, NJ
August 9, 2018

POTUS, wearing a blue suit and a blue and silver stripped tie, was seated
at the head of a long table gag Eight people were seated at each side.
Directly to his left, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal. Directly to his right,
Kentucky Gov Matt Bevin.

POTUS started by thanking the governors, the attorneys general and Cabinet
secretaries. He thanked Jared Kushner, who was seated near the end of the
table. Kushner nodded his thanks. He also thanked Ivanka Trump, who was not
present, for her work on this issues.

POTUS said his priority was to get former inmates jobs.

“We want to treat Americans fairly.”

POTUS said he met with Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Graasley and other
lawmakers about getting the congressional bill passed. “I think we”ll be
successful in that,” he said.

POTUS mentioned the situation in Chicago that he said resulted in 63
incidents and 12 deaths last weekend. He specifically blasted the “bad

“That’s bad stuff happening.”
“There’s no reason in a million years that something that should be

POTUS did not answer any shouted questions about his letter to Putin, Chris
Collins and Mueller probe.

Spray lasted about 22 minutes. Vans are rolling back to pool hotel.

More comments to come.

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