VPOTUS Pool #12- BG Quotes/Return

VPOTUS Pool #12- BG Quotes/Return
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AF2 arrived back at JBA at 9:44 EST.

Did not see VPOTUS deplane. Marine 2 departed at 9:59 pm EST.

The Vice President and his staff came back for a short off-the-record hello
a little before landing.

On background attributable to a Senior Administration Official:

“The DEA agent literally said to the Vice President: anyone who’s telling
you that drugs are not coming through between points of entry, literally
doesn’t know what they’re talking about. We’ve got resources at the points
of entry, that’s where we are getting lots of stuff. “

On Democrats continuing to say there is no crisis:

“Look we managed to secure funding that included funding for a steel
barrier on the Southern Border and the President concluded that it wasn’t
enough to meet 10 priority projects that DHS said that they need to fund.
And that’s why the President declared the national emergency. The final
vote on the [spending] bill showed that they weren’t categorically opposed,
they just weren’t willing to give us sufficient funding to address what is
a very genuine crisis. You ought to look at- the Vice President quoted a
couple of things from Kirstjen Nielsen’s press conference today. She’s
going to testify tomorrow on Capitol Hill. For One America and I mean – I
don’t know if you’re covering the Latino Coalition speech tomorrow—the Vice
President is going to be laying out that it’s a real crisis…300%
increase… I mean… families unaccompanied minors. And everyone you talk
to at DHS, Customs and Border Protection…we now have the DEA saying- we
need the wall, we need the wall, we need more personnel, we need more
resources, more technology to deal with it. “

On Admin’s efforts to mitigate GOP defections in vote:

“We’re working on it. We had people on the Hill talking today talking to
members. I believe Kirstjen Nielsen was on the Hill today briefing senators
and, you know, we’re going to continue to engage. But look, there is a
crisis on the southern border. Our message is simple. There is a crisis on
the southern border. We can document it, confirm it, it’s undeniable.
Number two: the President’s exercising his clear authority under the
National Emergencies Act and we have every confidence in that the national
emergency declaration is needed and authorized under the law.”

On Optics of GOP members voting against POTUS with resolution:

“The President’s total focus is on border security. We want Republican
senators to support us. We want all of the members of the Senate to
support us. The Vice President said today that a vote against the emergency
declaration is a vote against border security. And the Vice President will
say that again tomorrow.”

“But for us, for the President, for all of us- this isn’t about optics. And
it really is just about making sure that we have the resources to address
what is a very real crisis and secure the border.”

On President’s feelings about issuing first veto:

“Oh, he’s very prepared to do it. But we’d rather have the support, but I
think that we’re up to four right now that have indicated that they’re
likely to vote to support a resolution. But you saw first hand walking
through that warehouse what we’re dealing with. And it’s not just illegal
immigration, but it’s the type of illegal immigration—families,
unaccompanied minors—that then facilitates human trafficking and the flow
of drugs, contraband, dangerous criminals. So, we’re going to deal with it.”


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