VPOTUS travel pool #11 – more gaggle quotes

VPOTUS travel pool #11 – more gaggle quotes
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Here are some fuller quotes from Pence’s gaggle on trade and tariffs:

“The president is absolutely determined to use the authorities he has as
president to call on Congress, to call on Mexico, to do more to address
this humanitarian crisis on our border.”

“We also need to see Mexico do more. As the president said earlier today,
he’s considering additional action using his authority as president, under
the law, to make it clear to Mexico that they have to do more. They have to
enter into a greater level of cooperation with the United States.”
“In the days ahead, you’ll see the president take action to call on Mexico
to do more, to call on Congress to close the loopholes that have created
and contributed to this massive humanitarian crisis.”

Q. But won’t new tariffs on Mexico make it harder to ratify the trade deal?

“I don’t want to comment on what may or may not occur….Whatever action the
president may take in the days ahead, will be about addressing the
immediate humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border. But we
really believe that if Congress will close the loopholes, if our neighbors
to the south will do more, we can address this crisis, and we can move
forward and improve the trading relationship between our three countries
for generations to come.”

Q. Pelosi said the administration’s statement of administrative intent on
the trade deal shows a lack of understanding of the process.

“We’ve been in ongoing discussion with Speaker Pelosi……What we sent forward
today was simply a notification under trade promotion authority that we
would begin the substantive negotiation for the implementing legislation
that we’ll sign in the next 30 days. We believe it’s essential, as I said
today, that we pass the USMCA, that we pass the USMCA this summer. We
remain very confident that the action that we’ve taken today will
facilitate more discussions between our administration, the Democratic
leadership in the House and the Senate Republican leadership….”
“Today’s action is all about moving forward on an agreement that we know is
a win.”
“We really believe now is the time to move into those substantive
discussions about the implementing legislation. When Congress returns next
week, the USTR will be there, will be meeting with the leadership. And we
remain very confident that we’ll be able to reach an agreement to implement
the USMCA and complete the work by the United States by this summer.”

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