WH print pool report #6

*WH print pool report #6*

Sending along quotes and color from tonight’s reception in the East Room –

President Trump entered the White House reception for Medal of
Honor recipients in the East Room around 5:59 p.m. to applause. During
introductory remarks, he thanked the 72 recipients of the congressional
medal of honor – half of whom were in attendance today and who “risked life
and limb.”

“You are the strongest, the bravest, and the finest among us. See my ego is
not that big,” he said in his speech to lots of laughs.

On the impending hurricane, he offered the following update on his
administration’s response:

“We have some really big situations confronting us that is coming in fairly
fast, and it is going to be one of the biggest to hit the East Coast, one
of the biggest to ever hit our country. Maybe something will happen but it
is looking like it probably won’t be taking place unfortunately, meaning
veering away from land. My administration is in close coordination with
state and local authorities and FEMA. These tremendous people also, as you
know, have already placed extensive resources on the ground including
search and rescue experts, power restoration, and medical support.
Tremendous people working on the hurricane – first responders, law
enforcement, and FEMA, and they are all ready. We are getting tremendous
accolades from politicians and the people, and we are ready…Residents in
the path of these storms should comply with all evacuation orders and other
emergency instructions. Protection of life is the absolute highest
priority, and that is what we are doing. It is called protection of life,
so God bless everybody and be careful.”

After recognizing all of the congressional medal of honor recipients,
President Trump recognized the members of his Cabinet in attendance (see
earlier pool report for list of attendees) – lastly thanking the EPA’s
relatively new acting administrator, Andrew Wheeler.

He also gave a special shout-out to chief-of-staff Gen. John Kelly and his
wife – and thanked military spouses in particular for their support and

Toward the end of the speech, he said: “We are loving our veterans, I think
honestly, even more than before. We respect them so much. There is a whole
different spirit over our country. We respect our veterans more than we
have ever respected our veterans…we are working so hard on that.”

His speech ended around 6:16 p.m., with a thumbs up and to more applause.
Trump shook a few hands and greeted people as he exited the East Room.

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